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Tactical Polarized Glasses Military Style (XXL Set)

Tactical Polarized Glasses Military Style (XXL Set)

Tactical Polarized Glasses Military Style (XXL Set)

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Neutralize Fogging & Visibility Enemies! MilitaryEyewear™️ Wins Tactical Eye Battles! ✌️

  • ✅  Won't Fall & Protects Your Eyes:  Stops harmful sun rays. Shatterproof, and its strap keeps it in place as you accomplish your missions.

  • ✅  No Fogging When Cycling: Its detachable gasket stops the wind from causing fog as you ride.  A cyclist's best friend!

  • ✅  Clear Vision In Bright &  Low Light: Controls light intensity during the day. Boosts your night-driving visibility. Awesome!

Robust Cool Design For Your Attention-Grabbing Look! 😎

Designed with robust premium polycarbonate material for durability. These famous  X7 Polarized Military tactical glasses offer more than your eye's protection. Your cool style and taste of fashion will be vivid when you wear these.

 Rich Lenses For Your Sharp "Army" Focus👍

MilitaryEyewear™️ | Polarized Tactical Glasses

Comes with 4 innovative interchangeable lenses to suit all your outdoor scenarios. 

  1. Clear Lens With Anti-glare: Transparent with a special layer to improve your vision under low light conditions.

  2. Neutral With Anti UV400: For every day true color wear.

  3. Brown Tint With Anti-UVA, and Anti-UVB: To control sunlight intensity when you're cycling, driving, or enjoying your favorite sport outdoor

  4. Yellow Lens for Enhanced Night Vision Has a high contract yellow, and improves visibility under low light conditions. You night-driving buddy!

Multi-Purpose! For All Your Outdoor Adventures 👌

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys driving, fishing, cycling, mountain climbing, or sky diving, here is your must-have Shutterproof Military Eye Gear! Robustly designed for True Outdoor Conquerors like you!

Flexible Design to Fit Different Faces ✔️

Flexibility and compatibility is the name of the game! Finally, here comes  Military Tactical Glasses that are adjustable to fit you. And did you know they have special straps to ensure they don't fall off your face?

Your Complete Unisex Military Eye Package! 📦

 All the "eye arsenals" for your outdoor battles are here! Different packages that suit your military eye style! Awesome gift item for outdoor lovers

  Features, Material, Measurements

  • Estimate Size: 3 X 5.5 X 1.7 Inch
  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Weight Estimate: 6.4 ounces
  • Color Frame: Black or camouflage
  • Lens AttributesAnti-Glare, Decorated Lens, UVA / UVB, and Night Vision
  • X 7 Polarized Tactical Glasses Frame
  • 4 x  Interchangeable Lenses
  • Smart Outer Hard Case
  • Soft Case
  • Sports Strap
  • Hybrid Strap
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Polarize Testing Card

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