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BicycleBag™️ | Aerodynamic saddle bag carbon optic | Waterproof

BicycleBag™️ | Aerodynamic saddle bag carbon optic | Waterproof

BicycleBag™️ | Aerodynamic saddle bag carbon optic | Waterproof

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Stow cell phone, wallet, and co. Safely. Even without a backpack and in any weather.

With BicycleBag™,️ you always have a bag with you on your road or mountain bicycle.

Your advantages:

The most important things well stowed:

Important things like your cell phone or wallet are safely stored and can't fall out of your pocket.

Road safety:

Thanks to the light strips and the possibility to attach a lamp, you are now finally safe on the road.

The right balance:

With this bag, the center of gravity is exactly where it should be: Right on the saddle. Conventional bicycle bags often fail to provide the perfect balance.

Enough storage space for all essentials:

The bag has enough room for everything you need for a trip. No backpack and no sweaty back

No tools or previous knowledge necessary:

Everything you need is included. So you don't need to go to a bicycle store.

Everything always with you.
Keep your bicycle service tools, emergency burners, cash, emergency keys, and cell phones, among other things, safe. Be prepared like a true bicycle enthusiast.

Quick-release fastener: So you can always quickly remove the bag or put it back on again

Back reflector for more safety outside
Features a night reflective strip with a rear reflector option (not included) to warn drivers or road users of your presence. A functional bicycle bag that keeps you safe at night!

Easy to install. Fits on any bicycle saddle.
You don't need a technician to install it. Comes complete with accessories for easy installation and removal.

With its aerodynamic design and installation underneath the saddle (center of gravity), your cycling experience remains stable. No wind dragging and no "bicycle wobbling"!

BikeTailbag™️  | Bike Saddle Shell Bag

Hard enough to resist external force

Anything can happen outdoors. The bag may accidentally fall off your hand, or you may be involved in an accident, God forbid!

The hard shell is tough enough to withstand shocks of up to 6 kg. Excellent protection for your valuables that simple bicycle bags can't compete with!

"Water repellent" zipper! Cool design for trendy & responsible mountain bikers!

Features, Material, Dimensions

Material: Waterproof PU & Eva
Color black
Size: 19.5 cm x 9.0 cm x 8.0 cm
Weight: 150 g
Storage capacity: 1-1.5 l

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